When it comes to your personal hair care, we want to meet those needs.

In order to achieve your desired look we believe it is important to discuss your options prior to booking your service.

This allows us to book your appointment for the length of time we need and we know exactly what we will be doing during that time, be it cutting, styling or colouring.

Together we can discuss your expectations and come up with the right solution and customize your look to meet your specific hair needs.

Consultations are always free and take as little as
5-15 minutes of your time.

We not only consult about your desired look at your consultation, we will assess your hairs condition and determine if it needs any repairing hair treatments and if so recommend the proper at home care products and regimen for you.

Consultations are not just about discussing your haircut or colour, let us help you with any issues you are concerned about such as how to properly style your hair and know what styling products are right to help you get your look as well as how to use those products properly.

We can recommend proper products or treatments that will help us achieve your look prior to booking your service.

Consultations take out the guessing work!

Give us a call today to book
your Free Consultation:

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