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It was June 1st, 1986 that Hair Dynasty became a part of the Newmarket community. For almost 40 years we have grown along with the town and we love the community vibe.

The fact that people like to pop in to visit us or say a quick “hello” even when not getting their hair done, is so endearing to us. We feel more like friends and family with everyone.

We have formed many great relationships along the way and we value each and every one of them and to present we feel a true sense of belonging in the community.

We are a passionate group of stylists that share the same love for the hair industry. We are all teachers of the craft and like to inspire one another and share our ideas.

We are a Davines Concept Salon, we only use Davines products and Colour.
All of us are trained in the proper use of all Davines products and colours and continue to educate ourselves on a regular basis.

Davines is a family owned – international hair care brand that is distributed in 70 countries around the world, an Italian manufacturer based in Parma, Italy.

The highest grade of ingredients is used in their products with great respect towards the environment and our well being. Something we couldn’t agree more with, that is very important to us.

We are proud to use such sustainable hair products and take great pride in being trained and knowledgeable with their products.

We never stop learning with this innovative company that has lots to offer us as hairstylists and you our guests are included too!

We continue to train with Davines to this day so that we can be sure to create current looks that are the latest trends, and using the newest techniques.

Our services range from precision cutting to all areas of hair colouring, including:

  • root touch ups
  • balayage
  • foiling
  • hilites
  • fashion colours
  • corrective colouring

We also do Upstyles for formal events such as Graduations, Proms and Weddings.

Come visit us! We want to create the best hair experience for you.
One where we can pamper you and share our knowledge with you as you relax in a professional and comfortable atmosphere and simply…enjoy!


Hair Salon Newmarket

Hi! We’re Nick & Rose, owners and directors of Hair Dynasty. For over 38 years we have shared our passion for hair and love for the industry.

We are happy to provide professional services and accommodate our guests in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

“6+3 = 9, so does 5+4. The way you do things isn’t the only way to do them. Respect other people’s way of THINKING.”

Will Smith

This quote describes us perfectly because there is always a way to get your look, and more than one way to achieve it.

Together we inspire one another and share our ideas.

We may each do things our own way but still get the beautiful results in the end.

We are great listeners and are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

To present, we believe in educating ourselves so that we can bring back the latest in trends and new techniques to our salon and most importantly to you.

We are proud to use and carry Davines products that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and ever so gentle.

Feel free to browse our website or visit us and chat hair!


nick piccoli


Since 1986 Nick and his team bring great dynamics to the salon.

Together they cater to the needs of their guests by providing a relaxed atmosphere with a personal touch and a high level of professional service.

With his training in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and San Diego, Nick has a strong passion for precision cutting and hair shaping. Nick also specializes in mens cutting, womens cutting & styling, corrective colouring, highlighting and foiling, and keeps current in all the latest techniques.

Mentored by companies in the industry such as Davines and his years of experienced colour services, Nick has a lot to offer and he enjoys pushing the boundaries of hair.

To present, Nick pursues educational seminars to provide you with the latest techniques and trends.

hair colour stylist


Rose has been a part of Hair Dynasty together with Nick for almost 40 years.

Along with her creativity, she brings inspiration and new ideas to the salon.

Inspired by fashion and the latest trends, Rose keeps current in both by attending seminars on a regular basis.

Having been trained in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles, Rose is always learning new techniques and willing to share her knowledge in hair and colour services.

Mentored by hair companies such as Davines, she strongly believes in their philosophy and follows it daily by using their products into a hair regime that suits your individual needs.

From her classic to edgy fun looks, her perfectionism shines through from her passion for the industry. Rose specializes in customized hair cutting and styling, up-styling for all occasions, corrective colouring, all colouring techniques of ombre, balayage, fun colours, hilighting and foiling using the current trends to date, customized to suit your hair needs.

Rose is currently in the Davines Visionary Program where 4 times a year together with like minded stylists from Davines Salons get together and learn new techniques with Davines Products and Colours. These new techniques and product knowledge are then brought back to the salon where Rose mentors other stylists with the latest trends from the Davines Program.


Michelle brings artistic ideas and is meticulous in her colour formulations.

She is addicted to hair colour and it is completely fulfilling and inspiring to her.

Having trained in Toronto & Los Angeles, Michelle will leave you nothing short of perfection and impeccable style.

Michelle continues her training with Davines to present.

Bailey Jean

Bailey Jean is a Hairstylist, Make-up Artist, Colour Technician and Davines Visionary Program Space Specialist with over 10 years of experience.

Specializing in correctional colour and creating seamless, multidimensional looks, she enjoys evolving her menu of services with her clients creating both trendy and customised styles.

Bailey is passionate about her pursuit of education and dedicates a lot of her time and efforts towards her personal growth as an artist.

Bailey is an upcoming Davines Trainer and Educator where she devotes her time to advanced teaching her passion for hair to fellow stylists in the trade.

Bailey is accepting new clients upon consultation.

Please contact salon for details.

John Peter

JP is an Educator and a Stylist with over 30 years of experience.

He brings a wealth of knowledge, with regard to the different products, manufactured from all over the world. 

Although JP teaches on a full-time basis, you will find him in the salon once a month, where he continues his passion for hair behind the chair.


Renee is an active part of our team. She is a Jill of all trades.

Renee will greet you with a warm and friendly smile upon arrival.

She runs the reception area and makes sure all of your appointments are booked.

Aside from keeping all of the stylists on schedule, she is always ready to lend a helping hand in anyway she can. You can always be sure that your appointment will be booked and that you will get a reminder call or email from Renee.


Emma is starting her journey as a stylist.

She is eager to help and learn all that she can. Emma will put you at ease by giving you a relaxing shampoo and a massage your scalp will love. She can work with colour and enjoys styling hair. She can help you find the right product for your hairs home maintenance with ease.

Emma is a great helper to all of the stylists and she can assist everyone as she helps in all areas of the salon. Emma is a great addition to the team with many new talents that keep shining through. She continues to learn and grow and keep current on a regular basis.

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